10 Reasons Why You Need to Travel With bestbreaktours.com to Montreal for New Years

Posted On Friday, October 3rd

Old MontrealAt Best Break Tours we love to party. And this New Years Eve, we WILL have a blast. Trust us on that one. Our enthusiasm is quite contagious and we dare anyone to say they didn’t have a great time while traveling with us. But aside from all the partying, when we’re at a destination, we encourage all our travelers to really experience the culture and take everything all in.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a top 10 list of things you MUST do while in Montreal this New Years during your stay. And of course, we hope that you’ll be experiencing these things with us as your hosts!

Old Montreal (Old Port). If you haven’t been to Montreal before or simply have never been to Old Port, this needs to be one of the first things to check off on your list. The culture here is amazing with everything from restaurants, old school coffee houses, shopping, historical sites and more. It’s our very own version of Europe, and it’s a must visit.

Notre Dame Cathedral. A truly humbling experience, it will take your breath away as you walk through a truly historical landmark.

Rue Saint Laurent. This is the street for great shopping, eating, and scenery. You haven’t been to Montreal unless you’ve strolled down Saint Laurent.

The Biodome. A unique museum of the environment. Live collections with more than 4,800 animals of 230 species and 750 plant species in four ecosystems from the Americas, each with a different climate and all under one roof!

The Biosphere. A visit to the Biosphere is a real treat for nature enthusiasts. There’s plenty of displays, movies and special programs for groups that include a guided tour and the chance to participate in experiments, games, and other activities.

The Bell Centre. Home of the Montreal Canadiens, you don’t need to be a Habs fan to take in this great experience of visiting their home arena. Any hockey fan should appreciate this very exciting place. And in case you ARE a Habs die hard fan, you can check out the Canadiens’ Hall of Fame.

The Underground City. Also known as the indoor city, it’s one of the largest underground complexes in the world. It’s become one of Montreal’s top tourist attractions. Here you’ll find lots of shopping, eateries, and other great things to look at and experience.

Montreal Smoked Meat. Smoked meat has been popular in Montreal since the 19th century, and has taken such strong root that many identify it as emblematic of the city’s cuisine. Whether it’s world famous Schwartz’s Deli, or Dunn’s or Reubens, you’ve got to indulge in the city’s signature dish!

Olympic Stadium. Located next to the Biodome, The Olympic Stadium is one of Montreal’s most curious pieces of architecture and was built for Montreal’s 1976 Summer Olympics. Still used today for occasional sports events, major trade shows and concerts, an elevator ascends the world’s tallest inclined tower to a lookout on top.

Casino de Montreal. This extravagant building is a destination unto itself! A multi-level experience of roaring, tinkling fun. Cards, dice, slot machines, keno, roulette. Only for people aged 18 and over. Bring money if you dare to enter…

As you can see, Montreal is no boring place. We hope you’ll join us for what will surely be the best two (or three) day trip of your young adult life! For more information on how you can book your trip with us, please visit our website at www.bestbreaktours.com and become an online member to book your trip today!