Tired of the Cold!

Posted On Wednesday, January 29th

Aren’t you tired of this RIDICULOUSLY COLD weather? Here at Best Break Tours, we LOVE getting students out of the -20 degree temperatures, the ice storms, and the occasional black outs! 😉

Do you remember when your street looked like this?

ice storm








We sure do, and that’s why we want to make sure that you’re on a beautiful beach the next time a frozen tree wants to fall on your head!

Most of Eastern and Central North America has just been through ANOTHER ‘extreme cold weather system’. It’s always great to stand outside, with numb feet, scraping the ice off our car, right??

Let’s take a look at our options… Do we stick around in these frozen conditions, not being able to go outside? Or do we book a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida for Spring Break 2014 and party on a beach like this:









Ultimately, we can’t force you to go, but we can definitely steer you in the right direction. We offer a 5 night + Transportation package to this BEAUTIFUL destination for only $389.00/person.

Getting away with your friends is always a blast, and when you’re at a party destination like THIS, for a price that LOW, you’d be INSANE not to go!  Party with thousands of people your age who are ALL looking to meet new people and have an INCREDIBLE time!

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