TLC: The Last Class – How to Book Your Trip to Spring Break in Panama City Beach!

Posted On Friday, November 14th


1.) Visit

2.) On the right hand side where it says “find your perfect trip” select the following:

-Canadian Spring Break

-Panama City Beach, Florida

-Select 2015-02-21 (Georgians reading week)

-Select Barrie as your departure city and then click search

peak week promo 3.) It will come to a page titled Best Break vacation destinations

4.) Click 5 occupancy ($189.00)

5.) The next page is titled “Trip Details”

6.) In area that says “Booking Code” enter  your booking code if applicable

7.) Click “Book now”

8.) It will take you to the next page titled “Additional Information”

9.) Put in your booking code again if applicable

10.) Enter in first and last name of people you are rooming with

11.) If you do not know who you are rooming with just make up names

     12.) Click continue

promo pic 13.) It will bring you to a page titled “Final trip confirmation”

     14.) It automatically selects $27.00 travel medical insurance. If you do not want this unselect it.

     15.) It will show your total balance. You can click to pay your deposit or the total amount.

16.) Click to agree to our terms and conditions and then click “pay”

17.) Enter in your credit card information and then click “Pay”

18.) You will receive a confirmation page if the payment is successful.

19.) If the payment is not successful we will call you.

20.) Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation email with details regarding your booking.

21.) In the confirmation it will state when your remaining balance is due. Please pay attention to this date!


If you have any problems you can email or call our office at 1-866-858-8548